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I'm Kristyn.

ISFJ, an extroverted introvert, Enneagram Type 1

I'm Kristyn, dedicated dog mom to two Australian Shepherds, new wife, and hopefully your HELL YES photographer from San Diego, California! If you're wondering what that is, think back to that movie "He's Just Not That Into You" and think back on all the things Gigi had to learn to find "the one." Hiring a wedding photographer is a lot like dating for some people!

I'm here to be that photographer that just feels right -- the one you trust, the one you don't doubt -- the one you FALL IN LOVE with! I want this relationship to be all or nothing; because I'm going to give you 100% of my heart when I'm working with you; you deserve that much on your wedding day!

Your photographer is one of the vendors that will be by your side all wedding day

It's only fair that you get to know me. I want you to feel like I'm your bonus BFF on your wedding day.

I'm a recent bride myself -- I got married in April 2019 to my husband who is my number 1 fan. 

My husband helped kickstart me on this photography journey by gifting me my first camera for my birthday in 2016, so I could take better pictures of my dog Scout, for his instagram (see his insta feed HERE -- he's kind of a big deal, along with his sister Hunter).

I'm an ISFJ-T; basically an extroverted introvert which I like to think of as a person who can turn on the party but also enjoys stepping back and witnessing quiet moments without making a scene - perfect for photography if you ask me! 

I'm a Type 1 Enneagram with 4 and 3 coming in next; meaning I strive to live up to high ideals and will work hard for you to get there.

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I’m an open book -- I’m going to give you all the details, the nitty gritty, no secrets wedding photography experience.

I aim to feel more like a friend than a vendor on your wedding day. I want us to be able to chat and socialize (even if it’s just online) before your big day so you feel like you KNOW me as a person on your wedding day. I'll apologize in advance for forcing friendship on you -- but when I'm serving as your personal hype woman on your wedding day, you won't regret it!

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